Stoney Creek Iris


Hey friends, here's the situation:  I'm learning my new reality, which includes a chronic autoimmune disease which often leaves me exhausted. 

I love the iris, but the other reality I'm learning to live with is that I don't make any money, at all, through this website.   And the two years before I got a diagnosis and appropriate medications meant that I didn't do a great job keeping everything in good shape here.  You know how it is, with iris; you've got to be rigorous with your recordkeeping and weeding and so on in order to be one hundred percent sure that things are what you think they are.

Two bad summer meant some mysteriously vanished markers, some uncertainty about close clumps, and an inventory that's no longer accurate.

I'm feeling pretty good now, but I need a year, or possibly two, to get things back to the point where I am confident in the product and in my accuracy.

So no online sales for 2018, with one exception:  the folks who contacted me last year about the mtb collection are welcome to touch base again, we can probably work something out there.  The mtb's were added all at once three years ago, and I have pretty good control over that field.

Online sales will be back for Stoney Creek, after I've gotten the beds back to my standards, hired some younger help, and crunched some numbers a little more carefully.   Other parts of the farm are doing well.  I just need to recalibrate prices and decide if I can afford to keep offering free shipping.

I will be selling potted iris at the Landis Valley Herb and Garden Fair in early May, in Lancaster PA.  Those are in good shape, except, of course, for our spring being delayed this year.

In the meantime, whenever I can putter around on the site, I'm going to bring up more pictures, so there will be some nice iris to view.  We've disconnected the "buy it now" button, but taking out the price on each page turns out to be a little harder, so, sorry about the confusion that may be causing.  And, thanks to everyone who was so gracious last year, i.e. the summer of my physical meltdown, when I had to cancel so many orders.